Chinwe C.

"Global review center is the best review center ever! Ms. Thelma is the best! She instills the confidence in you by teaching you the process, that would help you analyze and decode the NCLEX questions. Thank you so much Ms. Thelma! I sure passed my NCLEX exam with Grace and Ease."

Rodel A.

"I need to say that in addition to my study patterns and what I studied, the thing that helped me the most in preparing was a person, and that was you Maam Thelma. Through your NCLEX Review classes, I learned what to focus on specifically. Without you, I dont know where I would be today. My experience with NCLEX is something I will never forget. Through your guidance, I am now a Registered Nurse!!!"

Ray E.

"I truly received one-on-one help and guidance. There was a genuine effort to make me understand not only the nursing material but also various learning techniques and test-taking strategies. The comforting understanding and encouragement from the instructor was outstanding... Three days after I took the exam, I found out that I had passed. At last, I successfully received my RN license and I owe it to the unique method employed at Global."

Shirley B.

"As soon as I sat in on her class, I told myself that this is the review class for me.She is really a woman with a big heart to help not only the retakers, but anyone who needs more motivation and strength to regain self again. I strongly believe that this is her mission. And I thank her for believing in me. Without that sense of believing, I would have been still where I was.You have touched me in the most wonderful way and I am free."

Reina R.

"The review class was a humbling experience for me since I thought that I could do everything on my own.On the day of my exam, I already claimed that I will pass my exam and entrusted everything to God. I used the process and techniques that I've learned, read the book twice and believed that I will pass the test."

Agnes M.

"Global is EXCELLENT! It really helped me to do the process and strategies to choose the right answers. Its like family at Global especially the sharing of review materials and food. Keep up the good work. You're really amazing!"

More From global nclex students

Randy M.

"Thank you Global for helping me pass my NCLEX-RN exam. The techniques and strategies of Global are very effective. It boosted my morale and confidence during my exam." 

Simonette P.

"...I am very thankful for Global. I have learned how to answer questions correctly and follow the process which is why I passed the test. Just do whatever the teacher says and you will 100% pass."

Crystal H.

"Thelma is the bomb! Passed my NCLEX RN. She is the best thing that happened to me with her process, and everyone at global is very nice and wants you to succeed! I passed my NCLEX with grace and ease! Thank you!"

Jeanette S.

"Ms. Thelma is God sent. You learn so much from her . Not only do you learn how to pass your exam with grace and ease, but also Nursing wisdom that can be applied to all parts of life ! If you wanna pass you must come here, forget all other methods ! Thank you Jesus and Ms. T !!!"

Luiza M.

"I almost gave up my dream of becoming RN, until someone referred me to Ms. Thelma of Global NCLEX Review Center.  Ms. Thelma is quite popular in several hospitals because she has help a lot of RNs and VNs in passing their nclex.  Her nclex review class is not big on marketing or advertising.  Most of her students she gets from either referrals or through the California Board of Registered Nursing schools.  I'm doing this because I'm too grateful of her and I want to pay it forward.  Had it not been for Ms. Thelma's dedication, patience, and kindness, I would have not passed my nclex.  Her sincerity and her genuine desire for her students to succeed is what sets her apart from all the other teachers/instructors out there.  Only Ms Thelma offers tutorials, one on one evaluation, and one on one review for Free.  She's one of a kind and her teaching method and strategy really works.  Aspiring RNs and VNs need someone like her.  If you truly want to pass like me, be in her class.  This is my way of saying thank you to you Ms. Thelma."

Lupe L.

 "I wouldn't have done 75 without Thelma. There's no other way I'm gonna pass without her because the questions I got were tough. And the whole time I keep hearing her voice. I feel like she's right next to me. And I would do exactly what she tells us to do in the class. I did the process and it worked. You have to study and you have to do the process. It's a lot of work but that's how you'll pass. I did exactly what she said."